Guaranteed Life Insurance

We understand that there are many factors that can make obtaining life insurance difficult, such as medical history or lifestyle choices (like jobs or hobbies). This can be disheartening and frustrating for individuals who would like to provide financial stability or support to their family when they pass away. At Lifetime Insurance, we strongly believe that everyone should be able to experience the peace of mind that can only come with obtaining a life insurance policy that will provide your loved ones with adequate coverage. This is why we offer guaranteed life insurance.


What Is Guaranteed Life Insurance?

Guaranteed life insurance is a form of no medical exam life insurance that guarantees you coverage. You cannot be denied coverage with this type of life insurance policy. You don’t need to undergo a medical examination, answer any questions, obtain a doctor’s note, or provide medical records – you need only sign off on your insurance agreement and pay your premiums. This is incredibly useful to individuals who are difficult to insure for whatever reason.

With guaranteed life insurance, both acceptance and your premiums are guaranteed. Your premium payments will remain the same throughout the duration of your policy, providing you with the reliability and consistency you need to properly plan your finances.

Guaranteed life insurance can put your mind at ease with the knowledge that your loved ones will be supported in the event of your passing, despite the difficulty you had obtaining other types of life insurance. If you have been struggling to get approved for a life insurance plan, guaranteed life insurance is the best life insurance option for you. Lifetime Insurance brokers can help you sort through the various plans available to determine the best one for your situation.


Guaranteed Life Insurance Canada

Guaranteed life insurance in Canada is completely possible to obtain. Since Lifetime Insurance is a Canadian insurance company, our regionally knowledgeable insurance brokers can help you find the best guaranteed life insurance in Canada, relative to your unique situation and needs. If you require assistance or guidance in this process, the insurance brokers at Lifetime Insurance are only a phone call away, and support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are committed to putting you first.


Get A Guaranteed Life Insurance Quote

Our online life insurance quote calculator can generate a guaranteed life insurance quote for you in no time. Simply enter your desired benefits amount. For personalized service, and answers to additional questions, speaking directly with one of our qualified insurance brokers is your best bet for a custom-tailored guaranteed life insurance quote.

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