Term To 100 Life Insurance

Term to 100 life insurance, sometimes called term 100 life insurance, is a low-cost, high-impact way to secure the financial stability and future of your family. Although medical advancements are increasing the number of Canadians living longer than 100 years, there are still relatively few people who do. Term 100 life insurances guarantees coverage until the age of 100, so it’s a safe bet that this term will span your whole life.


What Is Term To 100 Life Insurance?

For Insurance shoppers who have a difficult time deciding between term life insurance and permanent life insurance, term to 100 life insurance offers the best of both worlds. Term to 100 life insurance is technically a form of term life insurance, however, its longevity makes it much like a permanent life insurance policy. Once you reach 100, coverage will often continue, but you will no longer need to pay premiums. Your family can still rely on the death benefit from your policy.


Is Term To 100 Life Insurance Right For You?

The main draw of term to 100 life insurance is the amount of coverage you receive in comparison to the premiums you pay. Term 100 life insurance is low-cost, like a regular term policy, but with the added benefit of a term that will likely outlast your life. If you are looking for coverage that will last a lifetime, at an affordable price, then term to 100 life insurance could be the right fit for you.

Term to 100 life insurance also guarantees that your premiums will be fixed. What you pay in premiums will always be the amount agreed upon at the outset of your term 100 life insurance policy – no more or no less. This is also true for the amount that your beneficiaries will receive upon your passing.

Some term to 100 life insurance policies offer a cash surrender value, while others do not. If you purchase a plan with cash surrender value, you will be able to withdraw the total payout, but the government will consider this as taxable income. This contrasts with the death benefit, which can be withdrawn tax-free. At Lifetime Insurance, we can help you find the perfect plan, with or without cash surrender value, depending on what you need and desire. Our qualified insurance brokers are only a phone call away, and support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are committed to putting you first.


Get a Term To 100 Life Insurance Quote

If you feel that term to 100 life insurance is the best type of life insurance policy for you and your family, reach out to Lifetime Insurance. We are more than happy to provide you with a free no-obligations quote. Alternatively, you can obtain a term 100 life insurance quote with our easy-to-use online quote calculator.

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